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Angel Heart Agency

With years of experience, the staff of Angel Heart Agency has the capabilities and expertise to take care of your infants and newborns. We also combine our insights and skills to provide your babies with care at a high level. Over the years, we’ve been known as Houston's top choice to quickly help parents and newborns transition from the hospital to home comfort. With Angel Heart Agency on your side, your newborn is guaranteed to have a great start in life.



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A Newborn Care Specialist is an individual trained in newborn care. They are focused on the needs of the newborn after birth. They provide unique expertise in all aspects of newborn care, parental education, and support. They typically work with babies from birth through several months, depending on the needs of the family and baby.

For Families

Newborn Care Specialist


A postpartum doula is focused on the family as a whole. They provide families with information and support on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, infant soothing, and coping skills for new parents. They are also available to help with light housework, preparing meals, and helping incorporate an older child into this new experience.

For Families

Postpartum Doula

Anger Heart Essential Oils and Extracts

With the vision to help new mothers fight baby blues and postpartum depression, Angel Heart Agency has essential oils and extracts formula that supports breastfeeding mothers and mothers who suffer from postpartum depression to stay happy and refreshed to connect more deeply with their bundle of joy. Our Angel Heart Essential Oils and Extracts are produced from carefully selected fruits and plant extracts that will enhance the baby to sleep well, allow mothers to relax, and calm their nerves to keep depression apart. The extracts, when used to cook, will help with breastfeeding a baby regularly. This is one of the best ways to get mother and child to bond more. 

These products are our gift to mothers. Please, don't take our word for it. Just give them a try and recommend them to any new mother. You'll thank us later!

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